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How to Read Your Birth Chart

You are not your Sun Sign and there are not just 12 types of people in the world. Your chart is unique to you; your own personal roadmap to understand yourself. You'll learn your planets, signs, houses and nakshatras to overcome doubt, make better decisions and release old negative patterns, so you can:



Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships & Purpose

Have you ever heard relationship advice and found it didn't work for you? If you compared birth charts with that person you would likely see major differences. The ancient Vedic texts say there 4 aims of life and we each have unique strengths in each area. I'll show you how to make decisions from your strengths rather than other people's opinions.



How To Plan For Major Life Events

Have a move coming up? Trying to decide which job to pursue? Which partner to commit to? Life is full of decisions and Vedic Astrology was originally created for timing major events and rituals. Learn the ancient techniques to work with the universe rather than against it.



"I found Vedic Astrology after studying Western and not meshing with it. I found out I’m a different sign, and it all makes more sense. Jeremy's interpretations are so spot on, relatable and literally life changing!"

Bernadette, Vedic Astrology 101 Student

The world is changing, what does it mean for you?

Did you know that COVID-19, the AIDs epidemic and the Spanish Flu of 1918 all started in the same astrological transit? Did you know that right now we are living through the same astrological transit that hasn't happened since the American and French Revolutions? 

The world is changing dramatically and we are all doing our best to make sense of it. If you've been struggling, you are not alone. The circumstances of the world are out of our control and the past two years have been incredibly challenging, but we get to choose what it means and how we respond to it. 

Vedic Astrology uses precise calculations unlike any other method of astrology to give you a clear picture of what's happening, what it has meant historically, how it affects you personally, and how you can bring out the most favorable expressions of each transit while limiting the negative effects. After 16 years of research, I know we're about to go through some massive world changes, so I've refined this workshop for you to use Vedic Astrology to start improving your life right away.

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  • Vedic Astrology 101: Online Workshop ($247 Value)
    - Learn how to read your birth chart
    - Learn how to interpret planets, signs, houses, nakshatras and more
    - Learn how to plan for major life events
    - Learn how to improve your health, wealth, relationships and purpose.
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  • Bonus: Celebrity Case Studies: Live bonus training to learn astrology from real world examples. ($247 value)
  • Bonus: Snapshot Interpretations 101 - Live bonus training on making instant interpretations to improve your intuition and make decisions quickly based on astrology. ($247 value) 
  • Bonus: Vedic Astrology 101 2021 course. Hear everything from a different perspective in the full 2021 edition of this course. ($229 value)
  • Total Value: $970

The 2022 Workshop is over 2 hours and includes an awesome search feature for you to save time by jumping right to the topics and questions you have.

You also have access to the full 2021 edition of the course with over 2 hours of training. 

The two live bonus trainings are also each over 60 minutes. 

You have on-demand access to all of this to learn, review and rewatch on any device at your own pace.

You likely have a very different birth chart. There are also the dashas (planetary time periods of life), divisional charts (marriage chart, success chart, etc) and countless other factors unqiue to Vedic Astrology.

Most notably, when Western Astrology says "your Sun is in Aries" it is usually not true. You can use any telescope or astronomy app like Night Sky to see with your own eyes. It's 23 degrees behind that, likely in Pisces. This is because Western Astrology uses 2000 year old calculations that did not factor in the wobble of the Earth. Vedic Astrology does factor this in so it's interpretations and historical research has remained scientifically accurate.

If you resonate with your Western chart, there are likely many similarities in your Vedic chart that lead to similar interpretations. For ex: Sun in Aries is very similar to Mars in Leo or Mars conjunct Sun among many other placements that indicate similar qualities.

A Note From The Instructor:

Vedic Astrology changed my life.

I grew up without a father, frequently sick, in poverty and struggling with depression. My first teacher saw all of these things in my birth chart and showed me how to turn my biggest challenges into my biggest strengths.

I went on to mentor at-risk boys, get in the best health of my life, grow a loving relationship, grow my podcasts to 400k+ downloads and create a 6-figure business doing only work I love. I see similar results for my clients every week and I believe it's possible for you too.

If you're an astrology student, spiritual seeker or want to better understand yourself, this workshop will save you years of confusion and overwhelm so you can make 2022 the year that you improve your health, wealth, relationships and live in your purpose.

I'm excited to see you at the workshop!

Jeremy Devens,
Quietmind Astrology


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