Become Your Own Astrologer

7 Steps To Incredibly Accurate Predictions of Birth Charts, Horoscopes and Compatibility. Based on 17 Years of Experience and Thousands of Case Studies


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7 Steps To Become Your Own Astrologer

Have you always wanted to better understand yourself and your relationships? Have you tried applying astrology to your life, but got overwhelmed and confused by how complicated it seems? I'll show you 7 steps to start making accurate predictions right away, so you can improve all areas of your life including health, wealth, relationships and purpose. 



 The Important Details Most Miss

Your birth chart is completely unique. There will never be another you. So when you hear horoscopes for the general public, that's only part of the story. I'll show you the 6 important details to personalize every general horoscope to you specifically, so you can make the most of the energies that are changing day to day, and move through your life with more intention, ease, focus and fulfillment.



Optimize Your Health, Wealth, Relationships & Purpose

How do you apply all of this live in sync with the universe, the phases of the moon and astrology? I'll share how you can apply your unique strengths, work with your weaknesses and find your unique opportunities in all of the major areas of your life.


"Jeremy makes astrology easily accessible and digestible. This has become a very powerful tool for understanding and making change in my life"


Can you really be your own astrologer?

Years ago, one of my mentors said "Don't try to be your own astrologer." When I asked why, he said you could miss important things, and you can't be as objective.


We all do it anyway!

You get super curious about your chart. You hear a horoscope and wonder "what does that mean for me?" You start looking stuff up and different sites say different things. You're not sure which things apply to you. You get the overall sense that you're missing something important. It can be overwhelming.

So for years, I said the same thing to my students; "don't try to be your own astrologer."  Until I realized I wasn't addressing the deeper desire: you want to know yourself. You want to live in sync with the universe, the phases of the moon, and astrology outside of 1-1 readings and courses, you just need the right guidance. As long as you're willing to learn, you really can be your own astrologer!

After 17 years of experience, I've found there are 7 essential steps to become your own astrologer. I'm sharing it all in this free workshop! 

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No! This is for all levels. Past workshops have had hundreds of students register from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

This is for you if you're

  • Interested in learning about yourself and others
  • interested in learning about astrology
  • Interested in learning new ways to apply astrology to improving your life

 Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, you'll walk away with new insights to apply to your life. Even students who have graduated from my Vedic Astrology Mentorship still come back to this class year after year to brush up on these fundamentals. 

90% of people know their "Sign" but very few know that this is not actually based on astronomy. 

This is important because the planets and stars are powerful tools for seeing patterns throughout history and individuals, but only if the calculations are accurate. 

Western astrology uses a 2000-year-old system that is no longer accurate. For example, if you were "a Gemini" it is most likely you actually were born while the Sun was in Taurus. More importantly, the Sun sign is only one of thousands of factors in your birth chart. We all know there are not just 12 types of people in the world, and you can't understand someone just based on their Sun Sign. 

I teach Vedic Astrology, which coincides with astronomy and is incredibly accurate for predictions both personally and globally.

If you are totally new to all this, welcome! Come check it out and see if it resonates with you. I started learning Western Astrology in depth in 2006 and didn't find a Vedic teacher until 2011. The more I researched the two systems, the less I resonated with Western Astrology.

You might have a similar experience.

If you strongly resonate with your Western chart, there are likely many factors in your Vedic chart that lead to similar interpretations. For ex: Sun in Aries is very similar to Mars in Leo or Mars conjunct Sun, among many other placements that indicate similar qualities. 

I know it seems like a lot to learn, but I will help you break it down step by step!

A Note From The Instructor:

Based on 17 years of experience and thousands of case studies, this is the workshop I wished existed when I was first learning astrology.

If you're an astrology student, spiritual seeker or want to better understand yourself, this workshop will save you years of confusion and overwhelm, so you can make the most of all the major world events we're living through, and optimize your health, wealth, relationships and purpose.

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Jeremy Devens,
Quietmind Astrology


Become Your Own Astrologer

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