Relationship Astrology 2023

Compatibility, synastry and major transits for 2023. Based on 17yrs experience and thousands of case studies.


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Compatibility: Your Strengths & Weaknesses 

There is SO MUCH conflicting information online about astrology compatibility. If you just look at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs you're only seeing about 20% of the picture. You may find yourself repeating the same patterns with people, no matter how different your charts are. The key is to look at each persons chart holistically. That can be incredibly complex, but in this lesson I'll make it super simple. I give an easy to use guide to quickly understand yourself, others and how compatible you are.



Synastry: What You Bring To Eachother

Once you know yourself and your unique strengths, one of the greatest opportunities to learn and grow in life is through relationships. Some people might bring out the best in you, some might bring out the worst in you. What makes the difference between a harmonious and dissonant connection? I'll share fascinating research based on thousands of case studies so you can see what "third relationship" is created between you and any other person. I'll give a list of "Relationship Rules" to check for how the dynamic might play out.



Muhurta: Auspicious Timing in Relationships

Is now a good time to date? Thinking about commitment, moving in together, having a family, or maybe even separating? There are so many major choices connected to relationships, and timing is such an important part of it. Learn how your several year cycles (Dashas) may affect your relationships, and other fascinating tools for finding auspicious times. Learn about the major transits over the next two years and how you can work with them for the best results in your relationships.


This workshop is for you if

  • You want to better understand yourself and others.
  • You want to uncover and address relationship patterns.
  • You want to learn from several case study examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • You want to find auspicious times for relationship choices in 2023
  • You want resources and reference guides to quickly apply astrology insights to yourself and your relationships.

2023 Brings Major Changes For Relationships

Since January I've talked to several clients in major relationship transitions. Recent transits ended a 3 year cycle and began a new 2 year cycle. So far, it's hard on relationships though. The loving, passionate energy of Venus restricted by the serious, practical energy Saturn. Old patterns may resurface causing conflict and disconnection. This changes soon. February 15th begins the one of the most auspicious months for relationships in 2023.

All planets are direct through April. This means major breakthroughs, growth and realizations. Is there a new relationship or new aspect of relationship to explore? Now is the best time of 2023 to connect to your desire and what you love. One of the 4 aims of life in Vedic teachings.

2023 has more challenges to come, including Venus retrograde. This doesn't happen every year, and it can be hard. It can reveal old patterns and unresolved karma. If you love to learn and grow, this year is full of opportunities. One of the most powerful ways we learn and grow is through relationships. You might feel on top of the world in some areas, but nothing shows you where you still have room to grow quite like relationships. Partnership can be a sacred mirror to reveal, learn and grow together. The parts that come out in the safety of an intimate partnership likely don't come out anywhere else in life. I'll share how to use astrology to bring out your best in relationship and make the most of the energies of 2023. Even though sometimes relationships can bring out your worst... ;-P

"Jeremy is like a gentle and compassionate friend to talk to about astrology. He's always inspiring and insightful. His explanations are simple and concise. He always manages to remain positive in the way he presents information and expresses how challenges can become opportunities for growth. It’s very soothing to hear. I love how he suggests simple, concrete ways to manifest and tune into planetary energies. I'm always looking forward to his next podcast!"

Myrtille de L'estoile

From relationship coach Elise Avellan:


What's Included in Relationship Astrology 2023

  • Learn how to quickly spot compatibility and synastry of relationships based on planets, signs, houses, nakshatras, special rules and much more.
  • Instant access to the 2 hour workshop.
  • 12 months access to all materials.
  • Resources and reference guides to quickly apply what you learn to yourself and your relationships for years to come.
  • All based on 17yrs of experience and thousands of case studies    


A Note From The Instructor:

Relationships bring out parts that don't come out anywhere else in life. You may have great success at work, yet still struggle at home. If you're like me, and many clients I see, you had a challenging childhood and had to learn to undo negative patterns. Especially in relationships.

Vedic astrology gives you a clear map of yourself and who you are in relationships. From childhood to parenting to breakups to marriage to everything between. Your chart shows your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow. Many clients say they feel seen, understood and relieved when they know these tools. It puts things in perspective and gives a sense of hope for what's next. I also find great value in therapy, coaching, the Gottman Institute and similar work. Over the past 17 years I've done a lot of work in these fields and I integrate them into this workshop.

Hope to see you at Relationship Astrology 2023!

Jeremy Devens,
Founder, Quietmind Astrology


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