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Become A Certified Vedic Astrologer

3 Month Mentorship and immersion in astrology. Optimize your health, wealth, relationships and purpose, with astrology skills you'll use for the rest of your life to make better decisions, in alignment with your unique gifts. Based on 18 years and thousands of case studies, the Vedic Astrology Mentorship is the most comprehensive training to learn Astrology in depth, make amazingly accurate predictions for yourself and others, and have everything you need to offer professional, life-changing readings.


This Is For You If:

  • You've always wanted to learn astrology, to understand yourself and others but felt discouraged and frustrated with figuring it out on your own from random sources.
  • You want to learn how to make predictions and give readings so you can improve your intuition, health, wealth, relationships and purpose using the planets, signs, houses, nakshatras, dashas, transits and deeper aspects of Vedic Astrology
  • You want to live in flow, synchronicity and clarity by being in sync with the phases of the moon and major transits happening in your life every year, every month and every week. 
  • You want to create new career opportunities to do work you love and help others transform their lives with Vedic Astrology.

In 12 Weeks You'll Be:

  • A Certified Vedic Astrologer, ready to give professional level astrology readings for yourself and others with a simple, step by step process that creates clarity, meaning and validation in all areas of life.
  • Able to quickly interpret any chart on the spot including planets, signs, houses, nakshatras, dashas and much more so you can look at a chart for any person, place and event and make meaningful, resonant predictions.
  • Confident you can make accurate predictions of birth charts, horoscopes, relationship compatibility and any major life decision based on real world examples from thousands of charts that you can cross reference.
  • Living from your intuition, with 1-1 support to improve your health, wealth, relationships & purpose in alignment with your unique strengths, while knowing how to best work with your challenges and opportunities to grow.  
  • Experienced with yoga, meditation, pranayama, mantras, gemstones and other remedial measures to reduce negative outcomes for your birth chart, your relationships and the current planetary transits so you can create intentional and positive outcomes.

"I've radically improved how I understand myself and the cycles in my life. I went from barely understanding my own chart to confident to give readings to people from all backgrounds."

- Cole, Mentorship Graduate

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12 Monthly Installments

  • Vedic Astrologer Certification
  • Weekly Live Mentoring Calls
  • 200+ Hours of Resources
  • Lifetime Updates For Free
  • Quietmind Yoga Membership (Reg $564)

One Time


Pay-In-Full Discount

  • Vedic Astrologer Certification
  • Weekly Live Mentoring Calls 
  • 200+ Hours of Resources
  • Lifetime Updates For Free 
  • Quietmind Yoga Membership (Reg $564) 
Questions? Email [email protected]

"It's hard to believe how much we learned! Thank you for this mentorship, your inspiration, knowledge, humility, and for expanding my astrology horizons all the way to the nakshatras!"

Margaret Elizabeth
Mentorship Graduate, USA

"I'm able to interpret charts now! Jeremy is methodical and full of information. It was amazing to connect with him and the students around the world. This was a lifeline for me during a challenging time."

Beki Bliss
Mentorship Graduate, UK

"Sooooo grateful for this mentorship! It made my dream of being an astrologer come true and I will forever be so grateful. Thank you so much for all the effort, resources and time."

Kimberley Bartlett
Ivy Rose Crystals & Astrology, Australia

So happy I invested in this! Jeremy gives so much information, that alone is worth it but there's so much more! This was exactly what I needed to get out of imposter mindset about astrology.

Bernadette Allen
Mentorship Graduate, USA

I was drawn to how clearly Jeremy explains astrology in his podcast, but it wasn't until his mentorship that everything gelled for me. It's extraordinarily organized, accessible, and loaded with information.

Brenda Kwon
Mentorship Graduate, Hawaii

What's Inside The Vedic Astrology Mentorship?



Our journey begins in 1750 BCE with the first source text of Vedic Astrology, the Vedas. This ancient Indian text is the source of modern Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and much more. You'll learn how ancient Seers sat in meditation to observe the stars, and how you can learn from the universe in the exact same way. You'll learn the fascinating mythology and stories of astrology and how they are validated by modern astronomy. There is a ton of information in this module, made far easier with the "nesting model" to see how everything is related. The thousands of variables of astrology can be simplified to the few most essential aspects so you can quickly make accurate predictions.

  • Learn the origins of Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, the "Science of Light" and the "sister science" to Yoga and Ayurveda. Learn how modern astronomy validates the calculations and ancient Hindu myths of Jyotish from 3000 years ago so everything you learn and practice is not just theory, but rooted in science and thousands of years of real world experience.
  • Learn the "Sign Language" of astrology with the essential keywords, qualities and expressions or all 12 grahas; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and even Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are often overlooked by other Vedic Astrologers; all 12 rashis (signs): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces; all 12 houses, and all 27 nakshatras. Instead of just memorizing lots of information I'll show you how these are all connected so you can interpret any chart on the spot AND go super in depth. It's all laid out in the most organized, easy to follow format that many students say is "worth the whole investment on it's own".
  • Learn how to see every area of someone's life just by glancing at their chart; childhood, education, finances, career, health, relationships, travel, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, children, medical astrology (how body parts are effected), and much more. You'll be able to see how the planets, signs and nakshatras are influencing every possible area of life for any chart you look at. 
  • Discover advanced, incredibly effective techniques for interpreting conjunctions, drishti, yogas, karakas, ashtakvarga, sign exchanges, bhavat bhavam, vargas, shad bala and much more. These concepts are rarely discussed by astrologers and hard to find information about in books. I'll share from experience and examples how to apply these techniques to give incredibly accurate readings.



Now that you've learned the foundation of Vedic Astrology you'll start putting it all together! What does it mean when the Sun is in Aries vs Taurus or Gemini? By the end of this module you'll be able to tell me! Some trainings only focus on theory and memorization, instead you'll learn by practicing; giving readings, interpreting celebrities, friends, family and your own chart. We'll look at major transits in history and how they can help you make predictions in horoscopes like I do each week on the Quietmind Astrology Podcast. 

  • Copy & paste "Snapshot Interpretations" for every major aspect of astrology. You get access to a super easy to use resource with every major aspect you need to make interpretations. Every planet in every sign and every house. All based on interpretations tested by me and other experienced astrologers. You'll be able to immediately find any placement you're looking for from the Sun in Aries to Ketu in the 12th house and everything in between, with the possible positive and negative expressions of each. You'll also learn how to make your own interpretations and test them out!
  • Test your skills!  Think you could find indicators for marriage in a chart? How about divorce? How about increasing income, investing or inheritance? In this lesson I'll test your skills and give you examples to learn from, so you can find these things with greater accuracy, speed and skill. 
  • Know when a prediction is definite, just a possibility, or cancelled out; Having interpretations is great, but it's absolutely essential to read charts holistically - considering everything all together. I'll teach you what to look for to know your predictions will be accurate (many of them are not so obvious at first!)



Now that can quickly read any chart and make snapshot predictions, you'll learn how to put them together in a way that's often mind-blowingly resonant and clarifying. You'll have a simple 5 step process to give great readings that saves you hours of research, overwhelm and doubt. You'll get lots of practice with your peers and see just how easy it is to work with your very first (or next) clients! Even if you don't want to pursue a career in astrology, the best way to learn any subject is to learn how to teach it, so you will learn a ton that you can apply to your own chart. 

  • Learn a complete, step by step process to give great readings so you can be confident that you are making accurate predictions and not missing any important details. Where do you start with a reading? Is it the Sun sign? The Moon sign? With thousands of possible placements, it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to look for. I'll help you know exactly what to look for to give inspiring, validating, and often life-changing readings.
  • Super organized, detailed lists for everything. If somebody asks you if they should change careers, what factors do you look at? Or where to move? I give you the exact same lists, worksheets and spreadsheets I've created over 18 years and use in my readings so you are fully prepared for any reading. If you get halfway through a reading and need to look something up, it's all there in one place so you can quickly answer any question someone has with confidence and ease.
  • Learn transits and advanced techniques to make major life decisions.  People often come to readings for guidance on life purpose, relationships, career, where to live and other major life decisions. You'll learn about dashas, gochara, sade sati, varshphal, prashna, hora, tithi, panchanga, and a super simple way to summarize all of this for making major life decisions. Never heard of these techniques before? By the end of this module you'll know how to use them to find the auspicious and inauspicious dates and times for events. This creates an amazing sense of clarity and intentionality for yourself and the people you share your love of astrology with.
  • Learn how to start a career as an astrologer. Even if you have no tech skills or business background, I'll walk you step by step through setting up a website, a way for people to find you, book appointments and pay online. Once you set it up it's almost entirely hands off so you can focus almost entirely on sharing your love of astrology without worrying about the tech or business side of things. How much do you charge? What do you include in the reading? Should you be on social media or have an email list? I'll share best practices based on my 10 years of creating my own six figure business and help you discover your way that works best for you. 

When you enroll during this limited time, you get:

The Vedic Astrology Mentorship 

($18,520+ Value)

  • 3 months of live mentorship (Reg $7997) Learn a new topic each week with live group training, Q&A and practice to apply what you learned. Lots of time for 1-1 feedback on your chart and your questions. All sessions recorded so you can rewatch later. The times we meet are voted on by you, so we can work with your schedule!
  • 200+ on-demand videos for every topic of Vedic Astrology. ($5000 Value) In depth training on every topic mentioned above. Learn better with audio? You get a private podcast link to listen on any device. Learn better with quick summaries? I've included those. Learn better with long, in-depth trainings? You'll get those too! The on-demand section stands on its own as a complete training and is like getting decades of experience + all the best astrology books summarized in one place. Other astrologers sell similar courses with lower quality, less organization and no mentorship for over $5000.  
  • The Vedic Astrology Spreadsheet. Thousands of years of astrology history and research condensed into one place you can easily reference to answer any question you have about astrology. Past students say this is "worth the price of admission all by itself," and "The spreadsheet alone is worth the investment of the mentorship," and I agree! This is the exact same resource I use to reference for my horoscopes and readings because it works! Basically, anything you could want to know about astrology is thoroughly tested and accurate, and just 1--2 clicks away. 
  • A complete, step-by-step guide to give great readings. Many students have said this is where it all made sense and astrology really clicked for them. It would take them days to research a chart before they felt confident in giving a reading. Now they can pull up any chart and immediately start making accurate predictions. This process saves you hours of frustration and confusion and so you can easily read any chart.
  • Everything you need to begin a career as an astrologer. I help you set up all the software, website, email list, scheduling apps and social media, so you can automate as much as possible and potentially begin a career as an astrologer.
  • Lifetime access to all future classes. Concerned you won't have time to finish the certification this year? You can do it next year, or the year after! You get access to all future classes, live calls, all of it, even if the investment price increases in the future. Many students say this is one of their favorite parts of the program. I know astrology is a lifelong study, so I made sure this is not just a one time course, but a lifetime resource you have. You become part of a global community of astrologers who are generous and supportive for years to come. 

Each week, you focus on one topic and learn step by step. Plan for 3–10 hours a week if you want to graduate with this class, or go at your own pace if you're not working towards certification. If you get behind, no worries! You have lifetime access and can become a Certified Vedic Astrologer when the time is right for you.

Plus These Exclusive Bonuses!


  • Parashara's Light 9.0 Training ($197 Value) As amazing as this software is, it's a beast to figure out on your own. I give you the exact methods and workflows I use to give readings, horoscopes and research charts. The exact reports I give to clients. The exact customized worksheets I use. I literally click through every link in the app and show you what is essential and what is not for you to give great readings. 
  • The 100+ Best Vedic Astrology Resources ($197 Value) One of the most common questions I get is "what are the best resources to learn Vedic Astrology?" Beyond this Mentorship and my podcast (Quietmind Astrology) there are now many great resources out there, so where do you begin?! I give you the highlights of all the best books, videos and trainings to save you countless hours of time and money. All in one place for you to easily reference and know you're getting the best astrology education possible. 
  • Essential Guide To Vedic Astrology ($247 Value) Learn the essentials of Planets, Signs, Houses, Nakshatras, the D9 Navamsha chart and much more in thorough but succinct 1 hour lessons. Recorded live with Q&A and lots of examples. This is a great introduction and starting point before jumping into the full training in Module 1.


  • Train Your Intuition 30 Day Challenge ($147 Value) One of the most essential skills of astrology is the ability to know something without knowing how you know it. This is Intuition. The still quiet voice within. Modern life distracts us from this deeper wisdom that the ancient sages had access to. In this 30 day experience I guide you through meditations and practices to train your intuition in the skills of astrology so you are more perceptive, present and alert to insights and spontaneous realizations both in readings and in your life. 
  • The $0 to $5k Astrology Business Plan ($197 Value) Can you make a living as an astrologer? Absolutely! Several graduates now run thriving astrology based businesses. I'll give you a step by step business plan to go from your first paid reading to your first $5k of income. My hope is you could easily earn back your investment in this program and much more. Results are not guaranteed but you'll learn the same resources I've use to build a six figure business only doing work I love with great reverence and integrity to the origins of astrology. 
  • Marketing For People Who Don't Like Marketing ($147 Value) Do you cringe at the idea of business plans, sales or financial goals? So did I! Until I learned that in the Vedic teachings wealth is one of the four essential aims of life, and part of the spiritual path, rather than apart from it. I'll guide you through simple exercises to find your unique, authentic way of sharing your gifts with the world and serving others with a fair energetic exchange that feels good to everyone involved so you know you are genuinely helping people, and you are building a viable career path doing work you love. 
  • Resources To Help You Every Step Of The Way - Feeling lost in the training? Want some extra support? In addition to weekly mentoring calls, you get access to three support resources to keep you accountable and supported every step of the way. A direct message to me, your 1-1 accountability partner, or our private WhatsApp group is always just a click away on any page of the training. 


  • Vedic Astrology 101 ($997 Value) One of my most popular live trainings every year. Learn how to decode your birth chart with keywords for every planet, sign and house. Learn how to optimize health, wealth, relationships and purpose with a guide on exactly what to look for. Learn how to plan for major life events using transits, dashas and horoscopes. This live class has been held multiple times and covered different aspects each time. You get instant access to each version and the in-depth workbook. 
  • Mindful New Year 2023 ($997 Value)  Plan your whole year in a day, in sync with astrology. Walk away knowing exactly what to focus on, what to avoid and when to plan your most important dates for health, wealth, relationships and living your life purpose. My goal is to help you make 2023 not just better than last year, but one of the best years of your life! This is only offered once a year and was recorded live. You get instant access to the recording and workbook.

Total value: $22,798+

While saving you years of time, frustration and overwhelm because you're learning a proven system based on 18 years of experience and thousands of case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions


Still Thinking About It?

Just imagine the amazing opportunities that will open up for you when you've mastered astrology like this text message (pictured). 

Seriously though, if you want to hear what is possible, listen to these clips from the FIRST reading that Kimberley gave. She had always been curious about astrology but came into the Mentorship with zero formal training. 

Example 1: Children in a birth chart (0:21)
Example 2: Venus in 5th House (0:54)

The whole reading was like this! What Kimberley is saying is from the guides that I give you inside the Mentorship. You can hear the insight, validation and  encouragement from her client. That's exactly what you learn how to for yourself and others in this mentorship.

So happy I invested in this. Jeremy gives so much information, that alone is worth it! I've also made friends and connections that have helped so much personally and professionally. This was exactly what I needed to get out of imposter mindset about astrology.

- Bernadette, Mentorship Graduate

About Jeremy

Years ago, I was looking for something just like this program. Here's my story:

I grew up in poverty, never met my father, and had a traumatic experience in 2008 of being robbed and losing everything. This led me to my first astrology mentor.

I sat in amazement in my first reading, hearing my whole life story from this stranger. All the challenges were there in the chart, as well as all the positive ways I could work with them. How could he know me better than I knew myself?!

I felt validation, support and encouragement. As challenging as things were, there was a meaning and purpose to it all. But how?! What did he see? And how could I see it?! I became curious to learn as much as possible about Vedic Astrology.

Many years and thousands of case studies later, I get to offer that same experience to others. My intention is to help you truly know yourself; your strengths, your challenges, and see the all the positive ways you can work with them. So you can optimize all the major areas of your life; health, wealth, relationships, purpose, and, if you desire, help others too.

If you feel inspired, I'd be honored to welcome you to the 2023 Vedic Astrology Mentorship. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected].


"This was exactly what I needed!" - Holly


"All of the traditional info and how it applies to our modern day life" - Celeste


"The impact you've had on our lives has been incredible" - Cole

© 2023 Quietmind Astrology

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