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Become A Certified Vedic Astrologer 

Based on 18 years and thousands of case studies, the Vedic Astrology Mentorship is a deep dive into your own chart to learn astrology in depth, make amazingly accurate predictions for yourself and others, and have everything you need to offer powerful, professional readings.

"I highly recommend the Mentorship program by Jeremy. I searched for a long time for a mentor and course I felt comfortable with and one that could really walk me through step by step. And this course was even better than I had hoped! He provides all the tools, techniques and tricks you need and is there to support you. Jeremy has a gift for breaking down a complex subject into very understandable sections so you can really absorb, integrate and build upon each piece. His warm and approachable style make everyone feel comfortable being a novice and learning this deep and nuanced subject. I could go on and on …. a great course with an amazing mentor! 10+/10 :)"
- Heather
"This mentorship has been a game-changer in my astrology practice. Coming from a Western background, I've learned so much about Vedic Astrology and it provided me with different tools and perspective that I are so valuable to use for myself and my clients. Jeremy is a natural teacher - not only he makes such a complex practice easy to understand, but he also provides so many great resources, and pushes the students to learn and practice through different tactics and that has been way more valuable than simply learning new content and taking notes. Learning alongside a community is also a lifelong opportunity to grow with a network of students in the same field, each with a different perspective and experience! I've deeply enjoyed the VAM with Jeremy and will continue to benefit from it for a long time."
- Vanessa
"I’m so happy I invested in this course. Jeremy gives so much information and so many spreadsheets! That alone is worth it honestly, but theres so many other perks. He pairs you with someone for accountability, teaches other business tricks and does hours of real time practice and homework. It was exactly what I needed to get my business going and get out of an impostor mindset. I also made friends and connections that have helped so much for both personal and professional reasons thru this course. I’m looking forward to attending again this fall to get some review, seeing what Jeremy has added this time around and meeting new friends and colleagues!"
- Bernadette
"When I began listening to Jeremy's podcast, I was drawn to how clearly and directly he explained Vedic astrology. I'd studied the subject before, but it wasn't until I was in his mentorship program that everything gelled for me. He is extraordinarily organized in how he presents his information, and the materials he provides are so accessible and loaded with information that I continue to use them now. This was a great experience for anyone who wants to read for others or just learn about Vedic astrology concepts and principles!"
- Brenda
"I'm so grateful to have Jeremy as a mentor, still. He is such a patient, gracious teacher. The attention to detail and amount of information he's managed to make so accessible is incredible. There's a spreadsheet you get that is worth the price of admission all by itself. I went from barely really understanding my own birth chart, much less anyone else's, to being fairly confident and having fun giving readings by the end of the course. It was so much fun to connect with the other students in my group, I still chat with some of them sometimes, using our group as a resource when I'm stumped by something. And, I love that we can all keep coming to the mentorship calls when he has new ones. There were mixed experience levels in our group with several returning students, but I don't think anyone was left behind for not knowing enough, or under-stimulated with the lessons if they already had some understanding going into it. I now regularly give readings to people of all ages and backgrounds, and will definitely be returning to study more in the coming mentorships because there's always more to learn!!
I want to just keep recommending and reassuring here at the end of this. It's worth the investment, of time and money. Learning these tools has radically improved how I understand myself, the cycles in my life, how I interact with the people in my life, how I time my year and days, and how people feel around me. If you're on the fence, come on in."
- Cole
"I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have found you exactly when I needed to. You’re an amazing teacher, I never feel like I’m being judged by you (which I’ve felt a lot of judgement from my parents/authorities/teachers in the past) and the soft supportive approach you take to teaching is exactly what I needed in my life. I took the time to really thank the people I love and who have inspired me as an act of gratitude for thanksgiving time, and I needed to make sure you were one of them. So thank you for all that you do for me and the rest of your students/listeners/clients. You aid in positive transformation and that is something you should be very proud of yourself for finding passion & drive for! 💛💛💛"
- Holly
"Sooooo grateful for this course! It has played a huge part in my dream of being an astrologer come true and I will forever be so grateful. Thank you so much for all the effort, resources and time. I also wanted to say how awesome the mentorship workbook is, I’ve been focusing so much on my business that I’ve been away a little bit from astrology these past 3 months but back at it again and thought I would have a look and I’m going through it all again and it’s all fantastic 👌"
- Kimberley
"I highly recommend Jeremy’s Vedic Astrology Mentorship program. It was both enjoyable and exciting to learn more about such a fascinating science. Jyotish is a complex subject and Jeremy makes it reachable by providing the building blocks for a solid foundation.
Before the mentorship, I had a strong curiosity and desire to understand my Vedic birth chart and how the planets could influence my life, but I didn’t know where to begin. When Jeremy offered the mentorship on his weekly Quietmind Astrology podcast, I knew I had found the answer.
Thus began the transformation of my curiosity into a working knowledge of Jyotish.
Jeremy did a great job of providing valuable information in the form of written material, videos, spreadsheets, on-line content and group discussions. Everyone enjoyed sharing ideas and questions in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment.
I was both surprised and delighted by how much I learned in 6 months.
I now feel confident in my skills at basic interpretations of Vedic charts and I’m excited to build on what I’ve learned through practice and continued study. I’m hooked!"
- Margaret
"Hi, I'm Beki, one of the founding participants of the Vedic Astrology Mentorship program with Jeremy. This is an excellent program to begin your astrology journey as Jeremy will get you started at the speed of light. He has a wealth of knowledge, is super methodical, and he'll be there to support you as you progress. He will provide all the tools, techniques and tricks that you need. It's fun to connect with likeminded others from across the world, and this is a great investment for anyone wishing to dive deeper into our real life star map. Our magical and natural GPS system is accessible to anyone wishing to learn and to open up to the possibility of connecting into it."
- Beki
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