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"Jeremy gave a very nurturing reading. He kept checking in with me to see if I had questions and was following along. He made it easy for me to understand. HIGHLY recommended!" - Annette

"Jeremy made a daunting amount of information easily accessible and a powerful tool for understanding myself and making change in my life." - Cole

"Even as an advanced Western Astrologer, I learned a lot! Jeremy is a great teacher for all levels. The resources he provides are extremely valuable!" - Vanessa 

"Jeremy is a great teacher. He's very organized and detailed. His Interpretations are so spot on, relatable and literally life changing!" - Bernadette 

"Jeremy is open and welcoming and has wonderful insight and wisdom about how to read a vedic birth chart and communicate what he sees." - Jenna 

"Jeremy is AWESOME! I had a phenomenal reading and actually gifted a friend a reading from him because it was so good. If you're wanting a reading, I highly recommend booking 1 with Jeremy! Very grateful for the experience. He also has amazing resources through his podcast on all the signs, houses and planets. He really knows his stuff and makes you feel very comfortable talking about what your concerns in life are. Astrology is such a powerful tool to use to help navigate this crazy thing called life" - Brittany 

"Thanks so much for your reading. I just finished listening to it again. I really appreciate how gentle you are with me, how you took your time to investigate and talk with me, give me space to have questions. I appreciate your generosity. I'm probably going to keep listening to it. I learned something new each time. Thank you again for your calm and gentle demeanor, and for the thorough investigation of my chart. You were able to sense that I needed to connect to my breathing as well - that was beautiful." - Iona 

"This was actually my first astrology reading! I really enjoyed learning about myself and felt comforted by what we found in my chart. It was also cool to get insights into what the next few years for me might look like. Jeremy also left lots of room for questions which I appreciated and asked thoughtful questions." - Lolly

About Jeremy

18 years in astrology (the past 13 in Vedic). Host of the top ranked Quietmind Astrology Podcast. Jeremy also has 13 years of experiene teaching Yoga & Ayurveda, the 'sister sciences' of Vedic Astrology. 

After a challenging childhood and struggling with depression I started looking for a new path in life, outside what I learned about in school. I found my way to yoga, meditation, astrology and the law of Dharma. I saw the possibility that everything in my life happened for a reason, and it was preparing me to be of service in the next phase of my life. I started to see the patterns playing out in myself, then in others and then in world events.  

Now I get to help thousands of people do the same every week. To go from unclear to inspired. From uncertain to confidently clearing a path for the months and years ahead. The principles apply to everyone equally, but the twists and turns along the path are different for all of us. Part of my purpose is to help you navigate your path and thrive in your health, wealth, relationships and purpose. I'm honored to share this work with you!

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Astrology