Manifest Your Soulmate in 2024

Join us in this powerful Valentines Day Workshop & Q&A to manifest your soulmate in 2024 - the Year for deep connection & Love
Wed, Feb 14 at Noon EST / 6pm CET


In This Workshop


The #1 Dating Tool That Will Change The Way You Choose A Man

This live training that people all over the world have been raving about, will help you choose the right partner from the very beginning, and avoid doubt, confusion and relationships that end up nowhere! Especially if you're hesitant about using online dating apps, this will help you attract the right people and be in the right place at the right time to meet your soulmate. 


Avoid The Most Common Dating Mistake Most Women Make

Your life is amazing, you don’t NEED a man, yet your soul is longing for a deep connection with someone who understands you and wants to grow and share incredible experiences together. You don’t want just any relationship, but to meet your SOULMATE, so this common dating mistake is bringing in the wrong kind of man, and you probably are wondering why you keep meeting great people but just not the RIGHT man. 


The Best Way To Use Astrology As Your Love Compatibility Filter

Astrology is one of the most common topics that comes up in dating, but it's also one of the most misunderstood topics. Websites and apps say "you should date this sign" but we all know it's not that simple! So what does work? We'll look at real life case studies of compatible partners and incompatible partners! You'll learn the best way to use astrology to better understand yourself, your partner, and what strengths and opportunities for growth you bring to each other. 


"I loved it!! Very enlightening and validating. You gave us tools to take it to a deeper level. I liked how the guests were able to interact. Thank you so much."

- Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions

Plan for an hour, but we'll stay on longer to answer your questions.

If you need to leave early, that is okay. You'll get the replay within 24 hours. The replay will be available for a limited time.

I meet great people all the time, my real problem is meeting the RIGHT guy, will this course help me do that?This course will help you uncover your true self - the SOUL in soulmate, so that you will attract someone from the inside out, as well as be in the right place at the right time (something other coaches don't teach) so that your right guy can find you!

There is a lot of internal, feminine work to be done, as well as balancing that with the external, masculine actions that will bring you together in the right time (and hopefully shortest time possible!)
Even if you are not ready right now, this program will help you get onto the right path, and help you course correct if you're veering off in a direction that can take you much further away from your Love Journey than you need to.

Manifestation is the hot new buzz word of the decade, and skepticism is common because most people don't fully understand it. Some might view manifestation as mere wishful thinking. 

There is a big difference between manifestation and wishing, magical thinking and hoping without a plan. 
Manifestation is a scientific process, which you will learn more about in this workshop.

Want to get a feel for our teaching style?

Check out Jeremy's Interview with Michelle on The Quietmind Astrology Podcast:

A Note From Jeremy & Michelle:

Love Coach Michelle Chung is an international best selling Author of ‘How to Stop Dating & Be In An Effortless & Committed Relationship’, trained in Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine, Michelle has been helping women all over the world to find their soulmate with her signature program Manifest LOVE

Jeremy Devens is the founder of Quietmind Astrology, based on 18 years of experience and thousands of case studies, he helps people optimize their health, wealth, relationships & purpose in alignment with their unique gifts. 

This workshop will save you years of confusion and common mistakes. You'll leave this free workshop with tools that you can implement in your dating straight away and finally meet the right partner, instead of guessing and doubting your choices 

See you there!
Michelle & Jeremy


Manifest Your Soul Mate in 2024

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