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6 Steps to Increase Your Income & Thrive Through Uncertain Times.


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Get Your Life Back in Alignment

Every day the average person is exposed to 174 newspapers worth of information(!). This is on top of any other emotional, physical or mental stress you might be feeling. Of course you would feel distracted, overwhelmed, unclear and burned out at times. This stress keeps your nervous system active and stuck in a survival mode, the opposite of thriving. I'll share simple practices you can do to shift out of survival mode and start making consistent small steps towards thriving. 



Increase Your Income

Money and spirituality are often seen as opposites, but in the source texts of Vedic Astrology and modern spirituality, wealth is one of the four aims of life. Without wealth you're limited in how you can provide for yourself or others. You end up stuck in survival mode. So what do you do? If you're like me, you learned you have to work more hours, probably at a job that you don't love. What if you could flip that around? What if you woke up excited to work and knew the money would follow? In this workshop I'll share 6 simple steps to increase your income only doing work you love.  



Thrive Through Uncertain Times

The whole world is in flux since 2020. Financial uncertainty, inflation, Covid, and an endless list of challenges have hovered over us for the past 2 years, and astrology shows that we'll continue feeling those effects for a while. With all of the old ways changing comes new opportunities. It's never been easier to create a life doing what you love, but this window of opportunity won't last forever. In this workshop I'll share how you can work with these once in a lifetime transits and not just survive, but thrive through these uncertain times.


"Jeremy brings together all the best practices for managing time, money, energy, and talent and delivers them in a way that is hands-on and easily accessible. He's generous with his own systems and truly wants what is best for his students."

Jess G, -

The Next 3 Months Are A Rare & Special Time

The things you begin over the next 3 months can lead to massive growth in all areas of life, but the key is to think slow and steady. Modern life can be fast and distracted, but sustainable long term results require consistent small steps on the things that are important, and to let go of the things that aren't important. This workshop helps you clarify what steps to focus on, based on both your financial goals, and your unique astrology transits over the next 2 years.

This workshop is not about doing more and more things, but doing the few things that really matter. Instead of a get rich quick plan, it's a get rich slow and steady plan that you can use for years to come, no matter what ups and downs happen in the economy.

I always time my offerings with astrology and this week Saturn and Venus go conjunct (pictured below), which is the perfect time to find the connection between your head and your heart, what you love and what you do. Or else it might play out more like this..... 😂

A Note From The Instructor:

It's been a rough couple years for everyone, but I'm fortunate and grateful to say that it's been the best 3 years for my finances yet, and I want more people to have similar results. That's what I'm sharing in this workshop.

I grew up in poverty, without a father and spent much of my youth feeling a massive sense of untapped potential. I thought "if someone just shows me what to do, I'll do it." Eventually I did find the mentors, teachers and guides I was looking for, but nobody really put the practical and spiritual aspects all together like I was looking for. I realized I needed that for myself, so that's why I created the things i'm sharing in this workshop.

This will take some deep work, and that's why I'm offering this as a workshop rather than a podcast. It's for free because my teachers have been so generous. The sooner you can apply these steps to your life, the more you and everyone around you benefits. The really cool part is that there are people you don't even know yet who are looking for something that only you can offer. The only thing in the way is not having a clear path to get there. This workshop helps you clarify your path. So you can get your life back in alignment, increase your income and not just survive, but thrive through these uncertain times.

See you at Thrive 2023!

Founder, Quietmind Astrology


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