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The Deeper Meaning of Jupiter Combust

learn astrology Mar 28, 2023

In Vedic Astrology a planet is considered to be combust when it is in very close proximity to the Sun. The closer by degrees, the more influential the combustion. If you observe the planets, the light of the Sun makes it harder to see the combust planet. This means the influence of that planet is 'overshadowed.' Combustions generally tend to bring challenges but, as always, we have choice in how to work with these energies. 

Because the Sun spends one month in each sign each year, and Jupiter spends a year in each sign, Jupiter is combust for about one month every year. 

Jupiter represents expansion, growth, wisdom, knowledge, and good fortune. When it's combust, you may experience a lack of motivation, a lack of confidence, or a sense of stagnation in their personal growth and spiritual development. Particularly in the house where this happens for you. Get your free birth chart and see where this transit is happening for you to best understand it. 

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Mon Mar 27 Jupiter Combust (1 month)
An opportunity to learn what brings you hope, joy and growth. To find where the biggest opportunities for growth are for you. Things that challenge you to grow beyond your comfort zone may bring great insights now, such as cold showers, or going to new places. Media may be especially focused on fear right now, so continue to be generous in any little way you can, and step outside your comfort zone to stay optimistic and hopeful.

Fri, Mar 31 - Mercury in Ashwini (8 days)
A focus on new beginnings, innovation, and healing. This is a time to pursue new ideas and projects, embrace change and transformation, and engage in activities that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Utilize the swift and energetic nature of Ashwini to propel you forward in your intellectual and communicative pursuits.

Fri, Mar 31 - Mercury in Aries (2 months)
A dynamic and assertive energy that emphasizes communication, mental agility, and bold action. With this placement, there is a desire for directness and decisiveness in communication and mental pursuits. Harness the enthusiasm and initiative of Aries to fuel your intellectual growth and make an impact in your chosen field.

Fri, Mar 31 - Sun in Revati (14 days)
A focus on spirituality, creativity, and completion. This is a time to connect with your inner self, pursue creative endeavors, and tie up loose ends to achieve a sense of closure and fulfillment. Embrace the nurturing and compassionate qualities of Revati to bring your projects to fruition and deepen your spiritual connection.

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