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April 2023: Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde & Jupiter in Aries

monthly horoscope Apr 01, 2023

 Happy April!

This month Jupiter is both gandanta and combust. This can make it challenging to find your usual levels of optimism and motivation. These feelings are temporary and will pass within weeks, but while they’re here they can teach us important lessons. 

Jupiter represents expansion, growth, philosophy and teachers. In sanskrit the word for Jupiter is Guru. Throughout April you may benefit from turning inward, towards the wisdom within you. This may include journaling, meditation, mantra, mudras or pranayama. Citrine can help support the Jupiter qualities throughout this month, so using a Citrine mala to do a mantra practice is auspicious. You may also find value by working with teachers, philosophy and wisdom traditions that you value, but in service to your inner wisdom, rather than instead of it.

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Mon, Apr 3 - Venus in Krittika (11 days)
Highlights themes of creativity, passion, and transformation. Krittika is associated with the power of fire and cutting through obstacles, and Venus brings a focus on beauty, love, and pleasure to this dynamic energy. During this period, be bold in your creative pursuits and relationships, and embrace the transformative power of Krittika to overcome challenges.

Wed, Apr 5 - Venus in Taurus (27 days)
A sensual and grounded energy that emphasizes beauty, pleasure, and stability. With this placement, there is a desire for comfort and security, as well as a strong appreciation for the finer things in life. Indulge in self-care and cultivate a harmonious environment, but remain mindful of maintaining balance and not overindulging in material pleasures.

Wed, Apr 5 - Full Moon in Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra (1 day)
Themes of organization, efficiency, and attention to detail. Hasta is associated with the power of manifestation, and Virgo brings a focus on practicality and service to this energy. Utilize this full moon to bring order to your life, set clear intentions, and take practical steps towards achieving your goals.

Sat Apr 8 - May 6 - Jupiter Gandanta
A time to unstuck or unblock where you have been stuck or blocked related to spirituality, teachers, philosophy or religion. 

Sat, Apr 8 - Mercury in Bharani (30 days)
Themes of communication, learning, and creativity. Bharani is associated with the power of birth and creation, and Mercury brings a focus on intellect and expression to this energy. Embrace new ideas and projects, and channel the creative force of Bharani to expand your horizons and cultivate personal growth through communication and learning.

Later this month

Apr 10 - 17 - Sun Gandanta
A time to unstuck or unblock where you have been stuck or blocked related to health, vitality, creative and authority figures

Fri, Apr 14 - Sun in Aries (31 Days)
A bold and assertive energy that emphasizes action, courage, and independence. With this placement, there is a desire for freedom and a strong drive to pursue personal goals and ambitions.

Thu, Apr 20 - New Moon in Ashwini (6 months)
A portal into new experiences, self-discovery, and creative potential. This is a potent time for taking action and setting intentions, with an emphasis on vitality, energy, and assertiveness.
Powerful intuitive insights are easier to access around this time.
Allow more spontaneity in your life and be open to new possibilities.
Unexpressed energy may come out as feeling restless, pushy, angry or irritable.
If you try to do too much, you're more prone to burnout and accidents on the eclipse day.
These themes come to a sense of closure on the Eclipse on Oct 28th.

Fri, Apr 21 - Jupiter in Aries (1 year / 376 days / 53 weeks / 12 months)
A bold and expansive energy that emphasizes enthusiasm, confidence, and the pursuit of new experiences. With this placement, there is a strong desire for adventure, growth, and personal freedom.
Major innovation throughout the world, in all fields.
An ideal time for starting new projects, meeting new teachers, and spiritual studies.
Opportunities are everywhere if you think outside the box because of rapid tech growth.
Avoid overspending or taking on unnecessary debts.
Dream big, but start small and stay grounded to avoid grandiosity or naivety.

Fri, Apr 21 - Mercury (retrograde) in Bharani (25 days)
This transit may bring challenges related to communication, technology, and travel. As Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde, it may be a time for revisiting past issues and reassessing communication patterns. Bharani is symbolized by a yoni and represents transformation and the power of creation. Review what you have created, revise, resolve, restore, rest, recover and reimagine what you would like to create after this retrograde time ends.

Apr 24 - May 10 - Mercury Combust in Aries
Be mindful not to engage in harsh, rushed or hurtful communication. 

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