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Zoom Out To Review Ongoing Transits

weekly horoscope Apr 15, 2023

Every now and then I like to zoom out and look at some of the bigger patterns playing out in society and individually. These include: 

How Pluto in Capricorn has been drastically changing structures of society since 2020. How people and values we once put on a pedestal are being knocked down. How “alignment’ looks different for everyone and how important it is to find your own unique rhythm and alignment in your life, and why most advice and opinions are just a reflection of the person giving them (including this opinion of mine!).

The AI Revolution that is the biggest thing to happen in tech since the commercial internet in the mid ‘90s. (The last time Saturn was in Aquarius).

I share all that and the week’s transits on the new podcast above

Fri, Apr 14 - Sun in Aries (31 Days)
Fri, Apr 14 - Sun in Ashwini (13 Days)
Fri, Apr 14 - Venus in Rohini (12 Days)

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