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Covid Retrospective with Heather Begun

retrospective Jun 23, 2023

Saturn transits were a massive influence in the Covid experience of 2020 through 2023. In this episode we take a look back at the charts of the United States, significant dates, and the public figures who were influential in this time. I'm joined by medical professional and graduate of the Vedic Astrology Mentorship, Heather Begun, who is an excellent astrologer.

We look at the charts of

  • The United States
  • The date Covid was declared a pandemic
  • Past world events similar to Covid including the AIDS epidemic, 9/11 and the Spanish Flu
  • Significant public figures related to the pandemic including Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Peter Hotez, John Campbell, Anderson Cooper, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and Elon Musk

My hope is this discussion brings some perspective to what happened from 2020 to 2023 and what we can learn from it.

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