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February 2023: Shedding Skin & Infinite Potential

monthly horoscope Feb 01, 2023

Happy February 2023!

This month has some beautiful, powerful transits to look forward to.

There is a strong theme of doing what you’re passionate about in service to others. All planets are direct now through April, giving a sense of forward movement, momentum and possibility. Now that Saturn is in Aquarius what you start now can grow and thrive for the next two years and beyond. This is why I’m starting Thrive Online 2023! A 90 day mentorship all about helping you do work you love. Click here to learn more about Thrive Online 2023.

I share about this month’s transits on the new Quietmind Astrology Podcast. Listen above. 

Sun, Feb 5 12:30 AM Full Moon in Ashlesha
- Theme of shedding skin / old ways of being
- Introspection leads to deep, transformational insights

Mon, Feb 6 12:16 PM Rahu in Ashwini 42 weeks until Tue, Nov 28
- Start new things! Follow your passions
- Competition can be very motivating
- Be bold and take action
- Alternative medicine can bring great healing
- Beware of impulsivity / shiny object syndrome

Sun, Feb 12 10:14 PM Sun in Aquarius 30 Days until Tue, Mar 14
- Help the less fortunate
- Stay dedicated and hardworking on your unique path
- If too independent you may lack confidence or direction

Wed, Feb 15 8:32 AM Venus exalted in Pisces 24 Days until Sat, Mar 11
- The peak of love, romance and passion
- Do what you love
- Enjoy the senses, nature, beauty, music, arts

Mon, Feb 20 1:09 PM New Moon in Shatabhishak
- Deepen or explore a new healing modality
- Meditative practices are especially healing
- Connect with healing communities

Fri, Feb 24 3:02 AM Jupiter in Revati 25 Days Until Fri, Apr 21
- Help the less fortunate
- Great expansion of wisdom and possibilities
- Major spiritual growth with teaching and teachers

Listen to the podcast for much more details.

Have a great month!

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