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Weekly Horoscope Feb 6, 2023: One Of The Best Times For Starting New Things In 2023

weekly horoscope Feb 06, 2023

This week has some powerful, practical energies that are great for starting new things and getting more organized. Hear all about this week's transits on the new Quietmind Astrology Podcast.

Mon, Feb 6 8:09AM Sun in Dhanishta for 13 Days
The firey, percussive rhythms of Latin music are a good example of this kind of energy. You can be expressive, social and move with the rhythm of life at this time. There is great potential for fame and wealth if you improve your performance in any area of life. You may uncover unresolved relationship issues that are difficult to address at this time and may be better handled after this transit.
- Give and receive advice and emotional support
- Do something musical or artistic, such as create art or dance to music
- Wear gemstones or high value items, aligning with your sense of wealth, which is the meaning of the word dhanishta

Mon, Feb 6 12:16PM Rahu in Aries in Ashwini for 42 weeks

One of the most powerful transits for beginning new things and starting new projects. This time only comes around once every 18 years, and the things you start now can begin a new phase of life.

- Start new things! Follow your passions
- Competition can be very motivating
- Be bold and take action
- Alternative medicine can bring great healing
- Beware of impulsivity / shiny object syndrome

Mon, Feb 6 7:58PM Mercury in Capricorn for 21 Days

Deep thinking and serious conversations are a major theme of this transit. It's a powerful time to have important conversations and clarify boundaries and structures for the year ahead. Beware of being too serious or heady about anything to do with communication or business matters, and trust your gut along with your logic.
- Make realistic goals and clarify the steps to achieve them. Map it out and take action one step at a time.
- Organize your spaces to be practical and functional
- Teach, guide, coach, advise others or receive these things, the insights will be actionable and useful
- Practice integrity and commit to what is realistic, so you can be reliable and responsible

Tue, Feb 7 6:26AM Venus in Purvabhadra for 11 Days

A time for purification in relationship matters. Think of this time as a practice in tapas, first for yourself and then in your relationships. You may sense there are things to address that are under the surface, and they're easier to identify now.
- Do purifying practices like fasting and meditation.
- Have necessary conversations.
- Let go of what is no longer serving.
- Explore your shadow through journaling or therapy type practices.
- Uncover old baggage that it's time to put down.
- Be mindful not to put others needs above your own

Sun, Feb 12 10:14PM Sun in Aquarius for 30 Days
A highly creative and inventive time that rewards steady, disciplined work.
- Help the less fortunate
- Stay dedicated and hardworking on your unique path
- If too independent, you may lack confidence or direction

Also, next week I'll be hosting a special workshop on Vedic Astrology for Relationships! More details coming soon. 

Have a great week!

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