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A Time To Resolve Relationship Karma

weekly horoscope Feb 13, 2023

Relationships are one of the topics I’m asked about the most. So for the first time ever, I’m hosting a new workshop: Relationship Astrology 2023!


This is where I’ll teach you the techniques to learn compatibility, synastry and timing for important relationship decisions. I’ll give you guides and reference sheets to quickly find compatibility between any charts. You can use this for yourself if you’re single, in relationships or any sort of connection with others; family, work, etc. This helps you see what you bring to each other, the dharmic purpose of the connection and what karma you may be working through. As always this is based on lots of research with past clients, friends and celebrities and not just theory. It’s fascinating stuff and I’m excited to share it with you!


Click here to signup for Relationship Astrology 2023

This week only you can enroll at a significant discount because it’s the most auspicious Venus transit of 2023! Hear all about it on the new Quietmind Astrology Podcast.


Tue, Feb 14 Mercury in Shravana

One of the best transits for learning. Clarity and insight comes from listening within in meditation. New perspectives come from listening for synchronicities around you. This time has great creative potential for your words, including mantras and affirmations. 

- Use mantras or affirmations to direct your mind

- Dive deep into whatever topic you feel inspired to learn

- Avoid arguing with others


Wed, Feb 15 Venus in Pisces

Venus is in its most positive placement, bringing increased love, beauty and artistic expression. All things related to nature, beauty and relationships are extra auspicious.

- A peak of love, romance and passion

- Do what you love

- Enjoy the senses, nature, beauty, music, arts


Sat, Feb 18 Venus in Uttarabhadrapada

A time to cleanse relationship karma, with compassion and care. Doing transformational practices like Kundalini yoga can inspire profound insights and new ideas. If there are things you don't love in your life, this transit inspires you to want to upgrade to enjoy higher quality things and experiences. All of this can be more enjoyable when sharing it with others. 

- Practice Kundalini yoga

- Meditate with your partner to connect on a deeper, intuitive level

- Upgrade to have higher quality things that you love

- Stay connected to your goals to avoid laziness or indifference


Sat, Feb 18 Neptune in Purvabhadrapada

Your visions and sense of possibility expand and can be nearly infinite. Notice your intuitive insights, they can be vivid and inspiring. Beware of becoming avoidant of practical matters. if not attuned to your own crown chakra intuition, media and distractions can fill that space and cloud your judgment. 

- Do practices like meditation to tune into your intuition and be open to receiving guidance and insights

- Avoid grandiose thinking and stay connected to what will be of service to yourself and others

- Be intentional with your spaces and activities, your sensitivity may be heightened


Sun, Feb 19 Sun in Satabhisha

Could be a very energizing, inspiring time. One of the best times for studying astrology or similar topics and illuminating new parts of yourself. A great time for improving your diet and lifestyle. 

- Do self-care practices

- Work with a healer

- Study astrology or similar topics

- Meditate with ocean sounds or near the ocean

- Avoid being careless, harsh or blunt

- Avoid being too hermetic or introspective 


Hope to see you at Relationship Astrology 2023! Click here to learn more and enroll.

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Astrology

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