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Healing & Community: New Moon in Shatabhisha

weekly horoscope Feb 20, 2023

The New Moon in Shatabhisha is a great day to focus on healing, personal growth and community. So I’m hosting a special yoga class just for this.

Click here to register for free to New Moon Yoga For Heart Healing

A Gentle Yoga & Meditation practice for heart healing. 45min practice. 10min for connection and integration. All levels welcome. We'll use movement, breath and unique practices to release blocks and open up the flow of energy in this area. I recommend having a bolster, 2 blocks and a blanket or similar props nearby.

Here are the significant transits happening this week! Listen above for more details.

Mon, Feb 20: New Moon in Shatabhishak

  • Deepen or explore a new healing modality
  • Meditative practices are especially healing
  • Connect with healing communities

Thu, Feb 23: Mercury in Dhanishta for 8 days

  • Excellent for creating wealth, improving business, marketing, sales and related work
  • Important insights can come from analyzing data
  • Be thoughtful, creative and pragmatic about your ideas and it can lay the foundation for major success in the future.
  • Make a donation
  • Analyze your finances
  • Practice mantra, kirtan or rhythmic pranayama

Fri, Feb 24: Jupiter in Pisces, in Revati for 2 months

  • Help the less fortunate
  • Great expansion of wisdom and possibilities
  • Major spiritual growth with teaching and teachers

Fri, Feb 24: Mars in Mrigasira for 30 days

  • An exciting, passionate time for pursuing your desires
  • You may get distracted with shiny object syndrome, so take a moment to decide what desire you want to pursue first.
  • Set a clear plan of action to follow through before starting several other things.
  • Clarify which desire you most want to pursue next. You can do multiple things, but you can only do one thing at a time.
  • Map out a step-by-step plan to stay on track from start to completion so you don't get distracted with too many things at once.

Mon, Feb 27: Mercury in Aquarius for 16 days

  • An inspiring time with the potential for major insights and realizations
  • If you're willing to be bold and think outside the box you can have major breakthroughs for yourself, your work, and even larger social issues.
  • Look at things in a new way, think outside the box
  • Dive into the numbers, research, and data of your topics to find new insights
  • Be spontaneous and in flow, allowing input from many sources to make new discoveries
  • Cast a bold vision for your future and think creatively about how to create it

Tue, Feb 28: Venus in Revati for 11 days

  • The best placement for Venus
  • Being there for relationships can help bring out the best in yourself and in others
  • Ideal time for romance and enjoying sensual experiences like music, arts, and massage.
  • Set a deadline for a creative project and you may find it easier to complete than just waiting for inspiration
  • Create a vision for what you would love to create in your life and in your relationships
  • Host guests and help create connections among others.



If you don’t end up doing anything for the New Moon, that’s okay too!



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