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May 2023 Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse, Mercury & Pluto Retrograde

monthly horoscope May 03, 2023

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It’s May 2023, and I hope this Eclipse Season is serving you with new insights, perspective and awareness to reveal what is true for you now, in this moment, in this phase of life. 

We are still in a time of profound transformation and growth. This is an auspicious month for doing deep inner work through journaling and meditative practices as well as deep conversation with others. 

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Mon, May 1 - Pluto retrograde in Uttarashada (5 Months) 
Uttarashada is the “Star of Invincibility.” This time shows you how resilient and strong you are. This time gives you the courage to become aware of subconscious fears, beliefs and patterns. It’s a favorable time to reflect on our relationship with authority and power, as well as your own strength and resilience. There is great psychological and energetic strength at this time. You may uncover a strong drive to achieve success and make a name for yourself. You may go through major transformation in your life, particularly if you seek guidance and support from those who have done what you want to do and learn what deeper motivations and desires drove them. 

Tue, May 2 - Venus in Gemini (28 Days)
A lively and communicative time with the opportunity for more curiosity about life, more adaptability with changes and choices you need to make, and more variety in your creative pursuits. You may experience more desire for intellectual stimulation, humor, and socializing in friendships and relationships. A great time for music, singing, dance, mantra and kirtan. There may be some indecision in relationships, which can easily be resolved at this time with more communication and curiosity.  

Fri, May 5 - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Vishaka 
Vishaka is the “Star of Purpose.” This Full Moon an opportunity for deep insights into your purpose and relationships. A time to explore the balance between self and other, growth and stability, independence and interdependence. Vishaka is associated with the power of transformation and growth, and the eclipse amplifies this energy, creating a potent time for healing and releasing old patterns that no longer serve.

Favorable activities: 

  • Avoid any major decisions or risky activities on this exact day
  • Avoid starting anything new on this day
  • Take time for meditation, ideally near water or in water
  • Celebrate your relationships
  • Enjoy something comforting and luxurious on this day such as a massage or a relaxing yoga practice
  • Consider if there is any criticism that has been holding you back; internally or externally, and what might be possible if you didn't let that criticism affect you. 
  • Consider if there are ways you may be controlling or manipulating in your relationships, especially covert emotional ways which can be harder to notice. Consider how these have served you and what might happen if you let them go.

Mon, May 8 - Retrograde Mercury in Ashwini (13 days)
This retrograde period can bring about a time of revisiting and re-evaluating past decisions, particularly those related to new beginnings, leadership, and personal identity. Ashwini is associated with healing and new beginnings, but the retrograde Mercury encourages us to go back to what has worked well, and assess what hasn’t been working well so we can let it go. Address unresolved miscommunications and do some deep inquiry into what thoughts, beliefs and patterns may be running unconsciously. Go slow now and things will go a lot more smoothly later on. This transit is a reminder that sometimes we need to slow down if we want to speed up. 

Wed, May 10 - Mars in Cancer (20 days)
A sensitive and emotional time to emphasize nurturing, protection, and loyalty in the actions you’re taking. During this time, explore your desires for safety, security, and comfort, and what actions you can take to create them. This can be a time to tap into your emotional intelligence and your intuition. Think of athletes in flow state, being carefully attuned to the present moment and others, you can get a lot done and move quickly. You could really enjoy working in a more relaxed environment that balances getting things done with doing what feels best and right for you energetically and emotionally, rather than focusing on just checking off to dos. 

Mon, May 15 - Sun in Taurus (31 Days)
During this period, stability, practicality, and persistence are emphasized. There is a strong connection to the physical world, and a desire for comfort, security, and material abundance. You may feel a willingness to work hard towards these goals. A great time to focus on financial goals and creating stability in your life. 

Fri, May 19 - Eclipse Season Ends
The six week Eclipse Season that began in April comes to an end. The areas of life you have been going through major change and transformation settle down now. You’re now in this new phase of life until the next Eclipse Season in 6 months. Review past episodes for more on what areas of life have been most effected for you. 

Fri, May 19 - New Moon in Krittika
Krittika is the "Star of Fire." The New Moon here marks a time of new beginnings, fiery energy, and a drive to take action. Krittika is known for its transformative power, so this is a powerful time to do purifying practices like vinyasa yoga and let go of what no longer serves you to start this new lunar cycle. You may connect with a desire for independence, leadership, and assertiveness. You may also feel a sense of urgency to take action towards your goals, as well as the courage to take risks. Beware of impatience, impulsiveness or power struggles and do physical activity to move any pent up energy. 

Favorable activities: 

  • Set new goals or intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle
  • Begin a new project or venture that requires boldness and courage
  • Take action towards your goals, especially those that require assertiveness and leadership
  • Practice self-care and mindfulness to avoid impulsiveness or conflicts
  • Engage in physical activities that promote strength and vitality, such as yoga, martial arts, or weightlifting
  • Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings
  • Work on developing self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Practice gratitude and focus on what you are grateful for in your life
  • Spend time in nature, especially around fire or heat sources, such as a bonfire or a sauna, to connect with the fiery energy of Krittika
  • Connect with your inner fire through meditation or visualization exercises that focus on the solar plexus chakra

Tue, May 30 - Venus in Cancer (37 days)
During this transit, there is a nurturing and emotional energy that emphasizes the importance of family, home, and security in relationships and creative pursuits. With this placement, there is a desire for emotional connection, comfort, and stability in love and relationships, as well as in doing what you love.

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I hope you have a healing, clarifying and transformative month that brings you in alignment with what is true now, and allows you to be of greatest service to the people in your life. 


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