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Signs of Success (Wealth in Astrology Part 2) + Weekly Horoscope

wealth May 16, 2023

People often think of astrology as “I’m a Gemini” or “I’m a Taurus” but everyone has every sign in their chart. 

In this episode, I’ll share how each sign relates to wealth - one of the 4 Aims of Life - and how you can work with each sign to create wealth in your life. 

This episode will help you understand how to create success and wealth in your life for all 12 signs in your chart, depending on which ones are most dominant, or which ones are activated by transits. 

I’ll also share examples of Dhana Yogas (signs of wealth in a chart).

Plus the weekly horoscope for all signs.

This is leading up to Mindful Money 2023, coming soon!

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Weekly transits: 

Mon, May 15 - Sun in Taurus (31 Days)
During this period, stability, practicality, and persistence are emphasized. There is a strong connection to the physical world, and a desire for comfort, security, and material abundance. You may feel a willingness to work hard towards these goals. A perfect time to focus on your wealth and assets. 

Tue, May 16 - Mars in Pushya (23 Days)
With Mars in Pushya, you may experience a mix of assertive and nurturing energies. Pushya is associated with caring and compassionate qualities, and Mars adds a strong drive and motivation to take action in this area.

Fri, May 19 - Moon in Krittika
During this time, there is a focus on intensity, passion, and transformation. Krittika is associated with the power of fire and cutting through obstacles, and the Moon brings a focus on emotional connection, nurturing, and intuition to this dynamic energy.

Sat, May 20 - Venus in Punarvasu (13 Days)
With Venus in Punarvasu, there is a focus on emotional connection, growth, and renewal in relationships. Punarvasu is associated with the energy of renewal and new beginnings, and Venus brings a focus on love, pleasure, and beauty to this energy.

Sun, May 21 - Mercury in Bharani (14 Days)
During this period, the focus is on communication, knowledge, and intellectual pursuits. Bharani's symbol is the yoni, representing the power of creation and fertility, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. This is a time to pursue knowledge, share your ideas with others, and expand your intellectual horizons, but also to be mindful of the potential for impulsiveness and a tendency towards black and white thinking.

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