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Confusion Creates Clarity + Weekly Horoscope

philosophy weekly horoscope Jun 19, 2023

Change is constant. You're always making choices of where to go, what to do. Some of these can be life changing about where to live or where to work or whatever you're going through right now.

In this episode, I share how confusion often precedes clarity, and is a necessary part of the process. As long as you're alive, you'll continue to move from stages of confusion to clarity.

I share how that confusion can create clarity in whatever you're working through right now; whether it's the 5.1 earthquake I experienced this week (!) or a major life decision you're working through.

Last week I had the honor of hosting the Wealth Wednesday workshop where I shared some deep inquiry processes to help you optimize your finances.

Now that Saturn is retrograde, the Sun is in Gemini, and we just had the New Moon in Gemini, this week is a powerful time for going back over the foundations and structures in your life to improve upon them.

Finances often begin as a root chakra, survival need, but can move up into allowing creative expression from the second chakra and service in the heart chakra. The Wealth Wednesday workshop walks you through how to uncover the foundations of your money beliefs, so that you can more easily create wealth and prosperity for yourself and others.

Click here to watch the Wealth Wednesday workshop:

If you find the workshop helpful, you’ll love the new Wealth Rising membership that is open for enrollment for just one more day! This is where I give you the app and bi-weekly support to stay on top of your finances and reach your financial goals, in sync with astrology. This app can be life changing. Finances effect every other area of life, and with the transits of 2023, I think its one of the most important areas to address.

Click here to learn more and enroll in Wealth Rising:

Now let's look at the transits for this week!

Tue, Jun 20 - Mercury in Mrigashira (7 days)

Wed, Jun 21 - Jupiter in Bharani (158 days / 5 months)

Thu, Jun 22 - Sun in Ardra (14 days)

Sat, Jun 24 - Mercury in Gemini (14 days)

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