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Decoding Your Ascendant: What Your Rising Sign Reveals About You

learn astrology Mar 06, 2023

You likely know your rising sign is one of the most important things to learn in astrology, but what does it really mean?

In the new Quietmind Astrology Podcast I answer the most common questions and concerns I get about your ascendant / rising sign. It’s called “Decoding Your Ascendant:

What Your Rising Sign Reveals About You”

This is leading up to the LIVE workshop this Thursday: Vedic Astrology 101: Decode Your Birth Chart to Optimize Your Health, Wealth, Relationships & Purpose. Click here to learn more and enroll in Vedic Astrology 101 (This week only, save 60%).

The new podcast is a preview of what you can expect at the live class. I share 10 of the most essential things to know about your ascendant and how it applies to your life. Here’s what to expect in this episode: 

  1. Discover the connection between your ascendant and physical appearance.
  2. How does your ascendant impact your personality and behavior?
  3. Uncover the significance of the ascendant in relationships and social interactions.
  4. Learn how the ascendant can influence your career and life path.
  5. Explore the intersection between the ascendant and other planets in your birth chart.
  6. Gain insight into how the ascendant can affect your spiritual journey and personal growth.
  7. Discover how the ascendant can shift the interpretation of your entire birth chart.
  8. Unravel the mysteries of retrograde ascendants and their unique effects.
  9. Learn about the differences between tropical and sidereal astrology and how they impact the ascendant.
  10. Find out how the ascendant can guide you in understanding your life purpose and fulfilling your potential.

Then, in the second half of the podcast, I share the transits for this week:

Tue, Mar 7 - Full Moon in Uttara Phalguni
Fri, Mar 10 - Mercury in Purva Bhadrapada (7 days)
Sat, Mar 11 - Venus in Ashwini (11 days)
Sat, Mar 11 - Venus in Aries (25 days)
Sun, Mar 12 - Mars in Gemini (28 days)

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