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August 2023 Horoscope: 6 Planets Retrograde

monthly horoscope Jul 31, 2023


You know that saying “once in a blue moon”? 


Well, that’s happening in August!


 This is a unique month for doing deep healing and transformative work, with so much energy in Cancer and so many planets retrograde.


To learn how these transit effect you personally, reference these transits to your Vedic birth chart (rising and moon sign). Focus on working with the transits that stand out or resonate most with you. Also consider what dasha you’re in and other significant transits you may be going through such as Saturn return, sade sati, dasha sandhi or many others. 


If you want 1-1 support to best work with the opportunities in your chart this month, I have space open for 1-1 readings in August.


As we move into this new month, one of my favorite practices is to do a monthly review, and I realized that you might also want to do one too, so I made a process for you!


The NEW Monthly Review process is free and it's based on what I’ve been doing myself for over a decade. It can be incredibly revealing and clarifying. When I use it I feel so much more focus, clarity, direction and intention. It helps you sync up and make use of all the transits happening this month. All you need to do to get it is leave an honest review of the podcast on Apple. If you don’t use Apple, you can leave a review via VideoAsk. Next, go to this link to submit a screenshot of your review and once it’s confirmed I’ll send your the Monthly Review process. It’s SO good! I just used it yesterday and got a ton of clarity for August.


Now here’s a look at all the transits for the month (get full horoscopes when you sign up for free weekly horoscopes below):


Tue, Aug 1 - Full Super Moon in Shravana in Capricorn

Take a moment to pause and observe the full moon, looking at the same view into space that all humans have seen for all throughout history. It’s an opportunity to slow down from the busy, noisy activity of the mind and every day life. Shravana is symbolized by an ear and represents listening, learning, and growth. This is an opportunity to pause and reflect on what the still, quiet voice of your intuition is calling you towards, and celebrate all you’ve learned over the past month.


Thu, Aug 3 - Sun in Aslesha in Cancer (14 days)

A time to focus on transformation, healing, and addressing hidden emotions. Aslesha is associated with the power of Kundalini energy and represents the ability to transform and heal through confronting and releasing hidden emotions and patterns. The Sun brings a focus on self-expression, identity, and leadership that is heart centered and connected to your emotions. 


Thu, Aug 3 - Mercury in Purva Phalguni in Cancer (15 days)


Sun, Aug 6 - Venus retrograde in Cancer (25 days)

A time for reflection and introspection in matters of the heart and home. With this placement, there is a need to revisit past relationships and emotional patterns in order to heal and move forward.


Wed, Aug 16 - New Moon in Aslesha in Cancer

Themes of emotional intensity, inner transformation, and healing. Aslesha is associated with the serpent energy and the process of shedding old skins to reveal a new self, and this New Moon marks a time of new beginnings and fresh starts emotionally.


Thu, Aug 17 - Sun in Leo (31 Days)


Fri, Aug 18 - Mars in Virgo (46 Days)


Wed, Aug 23 - Mercury retrograde in Uttara Phalguni in Leo (21 Days) 

Time to slow down, review and re-assess in the house where Leo is in your rising moon charts. This is our 2nd of 3 Mercury Retrogrades for 2023. This one is in Leo and a reminder to reconnect with what brings you joy, and what you like to do for fun! It’s a time for reflecting on experiences related to creativity, self-expression, and leadership. Uttara Phalguni brings up issues of authority and power for re-evaluation, so you can learn the lessons and not need to repeat them going forward.  


Mon, Aug 28 - Uranus (retrograde) in Krittika to Bharani in Aries (151 days)

As a reminder, Uranus is in Aries June 2016 to March 2025. A time of revolution and innovation wherever Aries is in your chart. This transit emphasizes themes of rebellion, transformation, and innovation. Krittika is associated with fire, power, and transformation, while Bharani represents birth, death, and rebirth. Uranus brings an intense focus on change, progress, and the unexpected to this dynamic energy. It’s time to slow down and review the revolution happening in your life since this transit began and what you are learning about yourself that will culminate in early 2025. 


Thu, Aug 31 - Blue Super Moon in Purva Bhadra Pada in Aquarius

“Once in a blue moon” is used to refer to rare or unlikely events, because having two full moons in a month is referred to as a “blue moon.” This happens every 2-3 years, the last one being on Aug 22, 2021. This blue moon emphasizes themes of spirituality, transformation, and healing. Purvabhadrapada is associated with deep spiritual knowledge, the power of transformation, and the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. This is a day to celebration the transformation you have undergone and challenges you’ve overcome, as well as the knowledge you’ve gained over the past month.


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