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Weekly Horoscope Jan 23, 2023

thrive weekly horoscope Jan 23, 2023

NOW it's really a new year.

Mars is direct. Mercury is direct. Saturn moved forward into Aquarius. The New Moon was on Saturday (The Lunar New Year). On top of all that, this is a special time because all of the planets are direct for the next 3 months!

This is why i'm hosting a special free workshop to help you work with all of these energies called THRIVE 2023: 6 steps to get your lIfe in alignment, increase your income & thrive in uncertain times.

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As always, my offers are made to work with the unique energies we're living through, so lets look at the most significant transits happening this week and how you can best work with them. Get much more detail on the new podcast. Click above to listen to the new Quietmind Astrology Podcast.

Mercury Direct in Purvashada Tue Jan 18th - Sat Feb 4th
- Opportunity for the spiritual power of "invigoration" through learning and speech.
- Try a new approch in your communication, writing, speech or expression.
- Learn about new things that broaden your knowledge.
- Practical in business, sales and marketing.
- Negotation, debate or talking through issues can be energizing and clarifying.

Venus in Shatabhisha Fri Jan 27 - Tue Feb 7
- Explore the mysterious, mystical and spiritual things you're drawn to
- Solitude is healing, but be mindful not become detached or isolated
- Art, music, movies and nature can be especially healing
- Massage, bodywork, love, romance, sensuality and sexuality can be especially healing

Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius Fri Jan 27 - Wed Feb 15
- Find the balance between your head and your heart
- Find your unique way to merge what you love with what you do

Sun in Shravana Tue Jan 24th - Mon Feb 6th
- Take time in silence to listen to the still, quiet voice of your intuition
- Affirmations or mantras can bring confidence and clarity to achieve your goals
- You can learn a lot from connection within and with others
- Powerful time to learn from teachers or to teach others

Uranus D in Bharani - Sun Jan 22nd - Mon Jun 12th
- New and unexpected ideas and opportunities arise
- Find outside the box ways to express yourself and be creative
- May be sudden endings or letting go of things that no longer serve, which can be shocking

Hope you found this helpful, and hope you can join us this Wednesday for Thrive 2023!
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Have a great week!

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