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The Truth About The "Lion's Gate Portal"

Aug 09, 2022

Search any spiritual, new age or astrology related site around August 8th and you'll hear about the "Lions Gate Portal." If you google this you'll find something like this:

"The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year between July 28 and August 12, and peaks on August 8 (8/8). It takes place when, the sun in the Leo, the Earth, Orion's Belt and the star Sirius are lined up, which is activated by the rising of the star Sirius." 

And that this means something like this:

"Astrologers consider this an opportune day for manifestation, or concentrating on what you want to make it a reality. Charlotte Kirsten, trauma psychologist, defined manifestation to TODAY as the belief that you can “intentionally create your reality through beliefs or pattern actions.""

Sounds great!

But there's one major issue.

The Sun is NOT in Leo on August 8th and hasn't been for many decades.

The Sun is actually in Cancer on this date and you can see it with your own eyes using any astronomy app like Night Sky. Here is a picture of the night sky on 8/8/22:

No part of the Sun is in Leo. 

So I searched online for more clarification. 

What does Sun, Leo and Sirius being "lined up" mean? I found answers like this:

"The Lion's Gate Portal is like a cosmic holiday, occurring every year when a certain alignment happens in the sky."


"The Lion’s Gate Portal marks the alignment of the sun in Leo, the star Sirius (the brightest in the sky), Orion’s Belt and Earth." 

What is the alignment they're talking about?

Where can I see it?

If we're talking about astronomy, that means we can enter coordinates on a telescope and see it for ourselves, but we cannot, because it doesn't exist.

This alignment may have happened around 2000 years ago when the Sun actually would have been in Leo around August 8th in the Julian calendar, but now the Sun is in Cancer and over time, the precession of the equinoxes means that the Sun will move one degree back along the Zodiac every 72 years going forward. 

What about the alignment with Sirius?

I have not been able to find any reference to what alignment is being referred to, so we cannot show whether there is any sort of alignment or not. 

In the video on this page, I show you how to see for yourself where the stars "line up"

Listen to the audio podcast of this episode here.

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