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New 7 Months Cycle For Healing & Transformation - For All 12 Signs

nakshatras weekly horoscope Mar 15, 2023

This week begins a major transit of 2023. On the new Quietmind Astrology podcast (above) I’m sharing all about what it means when Saturn is in the Nakshatra of Shatabhishak for your birth chart and for the transit we’re starting today. This transit only happens once every 30 years! Hear how to best work with it on the new podcast.

Below I share just one of the hundreds of in-depth interpretations I include in the Vedic Astrology Mentorship opening later this month. The best way to learn more is to join my free 2 part workshop: Become Your Own Astrologer!

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Here are the transits for this week:

Tue, Mar 14 - Saturn in Shatabhishak (7.5 Months)
Saturn in Shatabhishak
Focus on social responsibility, as well as personal growth and transformation through facing and overcoming challenges. This can lead to significant healing and resolving old issues. 

Handling social and environmental issues
Facing and overcoming personal challenges
Deepening spiritual practice and purification
Nurturing community and social connections
Developing patience and self-discipline

Tendency towards detachment and isolation
Fear of change and resistance to growth
Overwhelm and stress from social responsibilities

The power of healing, which can manifest as both physical and emotional healing, as well as the healing of social and environmental issues. This is a time to focus on personal growth and transformation, as well as taking steps towards making a positive impact in your community and the world.

 Want to know how this transit affects you more specifically? Read about your rising AND moon signs below! NOTE: This is based on your Vedic birth chart only. These do not apply to Western astrology at all. If you need your Vedic birth chart click here.

Saturn in Shatabhishak for ______ rising and moon signs:

Aries: Cultivate discipline in building social networks and community connections. Embrace innovative approaches to collaboration. Be mindful of isolation and work on creating lasting relationships.

Taurus: Focus on your career and professional life with determination. Explore innovative methods and approaches to achieving your long-term goals. Practice patience and persistence in navigating alternative career paths.

Gemini: Prioritize discipline in higher learning, spiritual growth, and broadening your horizons. Delve into alternative philosophies and belief systems while maintaining patience and persistence in your pursuit of wisdom.

Cancer: Commit to managing shared resources, personal transformation, and psychological growth with discipline. Address long-term challenges with alternative healing methods and deep self-reflection.

Leo: Emphasize cultivating discipline within your relationships and partnerships. Work on setting healthy boundaries and building long-term connections. Be open to alternative ways of relating to others and creating supportive bonds.

Virgo: Focus on health, wellness, and daily routines with a disciplined approach. Investigate alternative healing methods and establish long-term strategies for improving your overall well-being.

Libra: Nurture discipline in your creative expression, self-expression, and romantic endeavors. Be patient and persistent while exploring alternative forms of creativity and fostering long-lasting connections.

Scorpio: Concentrate on developing discipline in family matters, emotional security, and home life. Seek innovative methods for creating long-lasting stability and addressing deep-rooted emotional challenges.

Sagittarius: Prioritize discipline in communication, learning, and the pursuit of short-term goals. Develop patience and persistence while exploring unconventional ways of sharing knowledge and connecting with others.

Capricorn: Focus on discipline in financial matters and personal values. Be open to unconventional methods of wealth management and embrace long-term strategies for achieving financial stability.

Aquarius: Emphasize discipline in self-development, personal growth, and shaping your identity. Cultivate patience and persistence in exploring new avenues for self-improvement and overcoming personal limitations.

Pisces: Dedicate yourself to discipline in your spiritual and subconscious realms. Address hidden challenges and develop your intuition through meditation and alternative spiritual practices.

Tue, Mar 14 - Sun in Pisces (31 days)
A dreamy and intuitive energy that emphasizes empathy, creativity, and spirituality. With this placement, there is a desire to connect with others on a deep emotional level and to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Wed, Mar 15 - Mercury in Pisces (16 days) (meme below)
A sensitive and intuitive transit that strengthens imagination, creativity, and spirituality in communication and mental pursuits. With this placement, there is a desire for deeper understanding of the world and a tendency to view things from a compassionate and empathetic perspective.

Fri, Mar 17 - Mercury in Uttara Bhadrapada (7 days)
A focus on spirituality, intuition, and deep inner knowledge, emphasizing exploration of the mysteries of the universe and the workings of the mind. A time to tap into your inner wisdom and trust your intuition, while also being mindful of practical considerations.

Sat, Mar 18 - Sun in Uttara Bhadrapada (13 days)
A focus on spiritual growth, personal transformation, and the power of healing, particularly through the use of fire and other transformative energies. A time to tap into your inner strength and use your spiritual practices to heal and transform yourself and others.


Have a great week!
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Jeremy Devens,
Founder, Quietmind Astrology

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