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Saturn Retrograde For All Signs 2023

major transits Jun 12, 2023

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With all of the major changes happening in the economy and finances of the world, it’s an important time to be intentional with your finances. This week the Sun is in Taurus, then Gemini. A great time to get creative and inspired (Sun) about your resources, analyze your numbers (Gemini), and find new opportunities (Jupiter & Rahu in Aries) for multiple streams of income (Gemini), while building wealth, security and stability in your finances (Taurus). 

Also this week, Saturn begins it’s annual retrograde period (more on that below), and we have a New Moon in Gemini in Mrigashira (more on that later this week). 

As always, you can make the most of transits by seeing how they effect both your rising AND moon signs. If you don’t know your chart, find the link on this page to get your free Vedic birth chart.

Sat, Jun 17 - Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (140 Days / 20 weeks / 4.6 months)

  • Slow down in your work and efforts
  • Review, reflect and improve upon the structures you've put in place since Jan 17th
  • Focus on steadiness and stability in your work and routines so it is sustainable
  • Not the best time for starting new things, unless they've been in the works for a while
  • Go back to old teachings and teachers that help you


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Other Transits This Week:

Mon, Jun 12 - Uranus in Krittika (159 Days)
 Thu, Jun 15 - Sun in Gemini (31 Days)
 Sat, Jun 17 - Venus in Ashlesha (19 Days)
 Sat, Jun 17 - New Moon in Gemini in Mrigashira

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